General Facilities

Intellectual Property

Because the consequence of an extremely effective SBIR application, KAIROS retains an abundance of intellectual property which transcend historical dates of conception and supports pending patents. Awards and contracts include:

Enzyme Evolution

KAIROS has generated new technologies in solid phase receptor screening which combines innovative imaging apparatus with directed development. We provide your enzyme’s action to enhance, or we could put a tool on your website.
General Facilities • KAIROS has a rather active genetic engineering team that’s focusing on proteins that are intrinsically fluorescent and about the directed evolution of enzymes. Biochemistry our cell biology, and molecular biology classes operate within precisely exactly the environment which fosters the co-development of both applications and instrumentation.

Macromolecular Scaffolds for Energy Research (DOE)
Quantitative FRET Microscopy (NIH)

Chromogenic Winogradsky Movies for Enzyme Discovery (NIH)
Directed Evolution of Enzymes With Optical Sorting (NIH)
Imaging Facilities •

KAIROS is ongoing to create both model and turn-key electronic imaging spectrophotometers (DIS) effective at specifying the fluorescence excitation, fluorescence emission, and absorption spectra for each and each single pixel or set of pixels at a field of opinion. All programs have been calibrated. We construct and design imaging spectrophotometers that are personalized to match requirements and the demands of researchers. Instruments various prototype programs under development along with MicroDIS MicroFRET Kcat.
By incorporating optical design and applications technology using molecular genetics, KAIROS’ multidisciplinary research is targeted toward creating novel instrumentation, reagents, and methods from the fields of biotechnology, microscopy, medication, and materials science.
Business Information •

Considering our very first imaging spectrophotometer, we’ve enlarged our cognitive engineering and cell research amenities. KAIROS has been the very first organization permit and to develop a specially GFP derivative.

  • Visualizing Post-Translational Modifications (NIH)Multispectral
  • Bacterial Identification (NIH)
  • Strong Phase 2 Screening (NIH)
  • Optimization of Cellular Screen (NIH)