Multifunctional System-on-Glass for Lab-on-Chip applications.

Lab-on-Chip are miniaturized systems able to perform biomolecular analysis in shorter time and with lower reagent consumption than a standard laboratory. Their miniaturization interferes with the multiple functions that the biochemical procedures require.

In order to address this issue, our paper presents, for the first time, the integration on a single glass substrate of different thin film technologies in order to develop a multifunctional platform suitable for on-chip thermal treatments and on-chip detection of biomolecules.

The proposed System on-Glass hosts thin metal films acting as heating sources; hydrogenated amorphous silicon diodes acting both as temperature sensors to monitor the temperature distribution and photosensors for the on-chip detection and a ground plane ensuring that the heater operation does not affect the photodiode currents.

The sequence of the technological steps, the deposition temperatures of the thin films and the parameters of the photolithographic processes have been optimized in order to overcome all the issues of the technological integration.

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